A contemporary mood that adapts to every style and personality.

The wallpapers of the beNatural line dress the rooms with a contemporary mood that adapts to every style and personality: the discretion of soft colours, the relaxation of a seascape or dense foliage that invites you to travel. Urban panoramas alternate with natural landscapes poised between past and present, then plays of light that seem to enter through parted curtains or half-closed Venetian blinds. The line is conceived and interpreted by Margherita Fanti, Paola Lattarini, Silvia Musetti, Vita Paustian


Margherita Fanti – At the first light of the morning a ray of sunshine, and the garden enters throug...


Irene Galluzzo


Irene Galluzzo


Silvia Musetti


Silvia Musetti


Serena Cerillo

Marea Acqua/Terra

Serena Cerillo

Minimal Nature

Irene Galluzzo

Giardino all’italiana

Margherita Fanti –  Between past and present the historical presence and the shape of an ancient cit...

Costa Rica

Margherita Fanti – Mysterious and beautiful, a luxuriant forest, a glimpse in full contact with natu...

Floral Pop

Margherita Fanti – A foliage decoration with a pop flavor and a naive touch.


Silvia Musetti – Immerse yourself in the noisy silence of the waves. The desire to feel at home and ...


Silvia Musetti – Observing a garden through the half-closed Venetian blinds in a visual game in whic...


Paola Lattarini – The warmth of the earth is interpreted and rarefied by the designer’s sensit...


Paola Lattarini – The skyline of the city like an open window on the panorama, for traveling without...


Paola Lattarini – Heat and vegetation are extrapolated to the essentials to give the walls a fun exo...


Vita Paustian – Immerse yourself in a boundless field of petals that move delicately in the wind ...


Vita Paustian – A rain of flowers, the sacred ones and symbol of Bali, an icon of eternal beauty, wh...


Vita Paustian – Sacred geometries, peace of mind, the art of knowing how to savour the slowness and ...