A world, that of fantasy, in which to enter with enthusiasm

The wallpaper suitable for children: the one on which to draw, interpret and interact without fear. A world, that of fantasy, in which to enter with enthusiasm
A line entirely dedicated to the world of children, capable of covering the room with stimuli and imagination, allowing them to interpret it with creativity.
The line designed by Serena Cerillo is dreamlike and interactive: it tells a special and imaginative world, made up of delicate shades and colors that can be interpreted by every child with their own imagination. Images made of men jumping like kangaroos, brave animals and acrobats of a place where anything is possible. Also draw on the wall. Vita Paustian interprets the world of children with a dreamy nature, which takes over and fills the room with exotic places to explore.

Eden / Monkey

Marta Palmisano

Eden / Tucano

Marta Palmisano


Serena Cerillo

Microdisegni / Animali

Carlotta Fortuna


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