On demand wallpapers for contract environments that make style an essential element.


A project designed for professional environments but also adaptable to residential ones, to dress spaces exactly as you imagined them. Minimalist and exclusive, pop and irreverent, green in thought and form: beContract wallpaper combines technology and the best material available with an aesthetic taste that represents you thanks to the completely customizable formula of the project. To create what you have always been looking for.


A custom-made project


Neutral tones that invite concentration for a meeting room, an explosion of color and joy for a multifaceted place to live at any time of day, metallic lines that reflect the soft lights of an exclusive Spa.


Designed for professional spaces, with a purely tailored style, beContract covers the wall in the way you want it: you are the creator of the final project; we are the creators of your creativity.


They are products designed to dress places by renewing them in a short time and transforming them, with minimal effort, into an environment that follows the company philosophy also in terms of aesthetics. Added to this is an attentive and professional service that follows the customer from design to installation.

Discover the materials


Each project can be printed on vinyl, with a fiberglass coating that allows it to be installed in humid environments such as spas, outdoor areas or swimming pools; ecological papers are also available, such as ecopaper or ecomais, which in addition to a finish of great value, marry an important theme such as respect for the environment.


The wall becomes performing, expressing itself differently depending on the light that hits it and letting the touch be pleasantly surprised by brushing its surface.


A world without limits, that of beContract, free to be interpreted in a different and personal way, free to adapt to time thanks to continuous technological innovation, free to be universally recognizable in its aesthetics. Your space, just as you imagined it.

Compact vinyl on TNT support, characterized by a refined and materical texture..

Vinyl on TNT characterized by a metallic coating that recreates the sparkling effect of gold or silver.

Completely natural coating, based on cellulose supported by regenerated corn with natural glues.

Pure cellulose and polyester fibers combined with a nonwoven fabric support ensure exceptional stability characteristics,breathability and tactility.

100% mineral fiber to ensure total stability and resistance to mold and humidity.

Vinyl on TNT characterized by differentiated layers that improve by reducing the noises coming from the outside and the escape of those emitted from the inside.