Franco Dalla Pozza was born in Vicenza, where he currently has his studio. After the Art and Crafts school of his city, he followed the painting courses of the master Otello De Maria and the Free School of  nude of prof. Roberto Da Lozzo at the Venice Academy.

Sensitive interpreter of the Venetian land on the path of tradition, he combines in renewal, a color full of ardor: he builds landscapes in balance between fantasy and reality, representing them with chromatic abstraction.

He began to exhibit his works in 1960 and participated in numerous group and personal exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

For beWall he reformulates the landscapes in moving and deformed compositions, to grasp the deepest sense of nature, as if his energy agitated the tranquil landscapes and blue skies.

Monotipo I

Franco Dalla Pozza

Monotipo II

Franco Dalla Pozza